Boathouse Systems


With over 20 years experience and a solid reputation for design innovation and excellent workmanship, The Ironworker has specialized in the design and construction of the finest steel tube docks and boathouse floatation systems available today under the name Kemp Docks.

The unique design and structural superiority of a Kemp Docks floating dock system has helped The Ironworker to build on it's reputation of quality, strength and durability.

All of our docks are constructed with 30" diameter steel tube sections with a wall thickness of 3/16".  These tubes are tied together with two 6" x 3" rectangular steel tubes and then topped with a steel frame joist system.  The finished steel work is then sandblasted and epoxy coated for maximum longevity. All together the dock skeleton is engineered to withstand ice and wave conditions, and does not need to be removed during the winter months.

Each of the tube sections has chain guide pockets at both the outer and inner ends of the dock to facilitate chain adjustments to the concrete block anchors and to shore. Concrete anchors vary in size from 3.5 tonnes.

CWB logoCustom designs, shapes, and sizes are available, as well as cantilever or pile-driven shore docks. Steel or aluminum ramps with or without handrails are also available. We also fabricate our own dock and ramp hardware, as well as custom hardware.