Len Grannemann

I have been a boat owner most of my life.  Fishing is my passion and fishing from the right boat has always been important to me.

Kemp Boats represent for me the one boat I should have discovered years ago.  Durable, stable and no maintenance are its stellar qualities. It’s all aluminium, welded construction handles wonderfully.  Finally, a boat that serves me rather than me spending endless hours scrubbing and fixing all the things to keep the boat in operating order. No more floor and side cabinet rot found on other boats.

I fish rivers, lakes, including the Great Lakes and this is my first choice for a universal vessel that meets all my needs.  Whether I am on a river or a big lake. This boat does it all. 

Our 18 foot tiller, comfortably handles my 90 HP 4 stroke and my 9.9 kicker as well. With my built in, up front gas tank, the boat can handle me, my fishing buddy and all of our equipment for a day or two fishing trip. 

Why didn’t I find this wonderful product years ago?  I can’t say enough about the owner and staff who helped us with the design from start to finish.  Last boat I will ever need. 

Thank you Kemp Boats!