It has been over a month since you delivered our new Kemp 16’ Aluminum Tiller Boat to us in Whitefish Falls. 

We knew when we were dropping into your shop to have a peek at it while it was being made, that we would be more than pleased with the finished product. Well let me tell you both what an understatement that was. 

Your craftsmanship is excellent. We were so happy that you would accommodate us with variance from the norm, and include our own specs and additions to the plan. Having the extra 2” in the middle seat height is perfect for us. We have used the swim ladder many times. At our ages, we can now get in and out of the water with ease.... and oddly enough, with the high water levels this year, it is the first time we have ever been able to swim off the end of our dock. We joke about “our expensive swim ladder at the dock.” We are also thrilled with the new motor that you recommended for this boat. The other bonus for us, was that you looked after all of the licensing of the boat before delivery.

It was more than a treat dealing with both of you, and we look forward to many years of pleasure on the water with this boat.

Again, thank you both so much for making this purchasing experience such a pleasure.

Here are a couple of photos of Juno arriving in Tadoussac. What a dream it is to ride on her.

Thank you both for doing so much to make this possible and especially for getting her completed in time for this season. We are all very impressed with the work you have done and very grateful.

Many, many thanks

Arriving in Tadoussac, Friday June 10, passing by Pointe Rouge

Montreal to Tadoussac - 250 nautical miles; Rain and wind, rip tides and currents, she was as smooth as a hovercraft!

Wed, June 8 - Friday June 10 (one day delay in Quebec City, sitting out 50-70km winds and rain!)

I have been a boat owner most of my life.  Fishing is my passion and fishing from the right boat has always been important to me.

Kemp Boats represent for me the one boat I should have discovered years ago.  Durable, stable and no maintenance are its stellar qualities. It’s all aluminium, welded construction handles wonderfully.  Finally, a boat that serves me rather than me spending endless hours scrubbing and fixing all the things to keep the boat in operating order. No more floor and side cabinet rot found on other boats.

I fish rivers, lakes, including the Great Lakes and this is my first choice for a universal vessel that meets all my needs.  Whether I am on a river or a big lake. This boat does it all. 

Our 18 foot tiller, comfortably handles my 90 HP 4 stroke and my 9.9 kicker as well. With my built in, up front gas tank, the boat can handle me, my fishing buddy and all of our equipment for a day or two fishing trip. 

Why didn’t I find this wonderful product years ago?  I can’t say enough about the owner and staff who helped us with the design from start to finish.  Last boat I will ever need. 

Thank you Kemp Boats!

Thank you for the excellent and on-time delivery/install of our dock!!  It looks fantastic.

The dock looks amazing and we are really pleased with how the new configuration turned out.  We wish you had done the work last year.

Job looks great, thank you!  

I have attached a picture of the boat with the new top.  So far, everyone that's seen it absolutely loves it.  They like the workmanship and the style of it.  Thanks.

I can't begin to tell you how happy we are for the quality of the job you and your crew did.  Your product and your installation was top notch from start to finish.  Please indicate to the crew our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.                         

Brenda and I are very pleased with the finished product of phase one.  It looks great!  You were right, it blends in with the shoreline beautifully.  Thanks again for a super job to you and all the crew.  

We saw and used the boat on the July long weekend - it was great.  We love the boat.  Thanks.

WE LOVE OUR DOCK!! Scott, you and your team have done a beautiful job!  Wonderful workmanship! What a difference it makes in our cottage experience already.

Thanks.  The dock looks great.  The curved railing on the ramp is a good touch.  I am not artistic but it seems to "compliment the natural curve of the rock". The dock is great.  Sturdy as the rock of Gibraltar.  

Thank you so much for your excellent workmanship on our dock.
We love it!
Thanks again.

Thanks for a nice looking job on the walk bridge.  It is doing a good job on site.

Very happy with the dock.

Thank you for the time you took to get the dock set up.  We are looking forward to enjoying it for many years.

Many thanks, the dock is fabulous!

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with our new boat.  Fittings and finish are excellent.  Ride is very stable and solid.  The boat/motor combo handled the four of us plus luggage quite comfortably.  And I'm sure it will be perfect for pulling kids in tubes come summer.

I'm sorry we can't remember everyone's name but this thank you goes to each and every one of you who helped with the building and delivery of our dock. Your kindness and professionalism went beyond all measures.  We are very proud to own one of your docks.  We thank you right from our hearts for all your hard work and dedication   Your workmanship is definitely first class.

We are very pleased with our new dock and are looking forward to having it put to use.